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UX/UI Design
UX/UI both go hand-in-hand but they are two different concepts. UX is more about the User eXperience that deals with complex functionality and more of problem solving whereas User Interface’s focus is mainly on the look and feel of the website and is more related to visual effect or digital interface.
Web Developing
Create My Designs offers complete end-to-end solutions to web-designing. It starts with an idea, then customizing designs in Photoshop followed by HTML and CSS. Web-development which is the non-designing aspect of creating a website concentrates primarily on back end developer who writes mark-up and coding’s in different languages such as Java, Ruby, Python etc.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an organic process that increases and directs more traffic into a website. Good and unique content is the key of marketing which has been recommended and recognized by Google’s algorithm so that it values the website based on its visits and gives it more priority.
App Development
App development is mainly about developing applications or software where the app manager collects information about products, services, quotes etc. and then customizes the designing aspects and testing the application on various handheld devices followed by implementation and execution of the feedback to be viewed by the end user.
Digital marketing
Digital marketing plays a vital role in enhancing the website in different advertising platforms that helps the business to gain more customers or explore the market. It reaches out to its target audience in a very short span of time. The best example is SEO, SMO, Pay-Per-Click Advt,, Affiliate Mktg., Content Mktg., eMail Mktg. etc.
Graphic Art
Graphic designing usually refers to an art or illustration which creates visual content to connect with people looking for various products or services. Designing the visual existence of an organization such as logo’s, brochures, leaflets, magazine layouts, pamphlets and other publicized articles can be the best examples.

Work Flow

01. Briefing
Our sales team before signing up for the project walks you through the package that suits you the best for your business. We make sure everything is in writing for the future reference.
02. Brainstorm
We have the best sales and development team ready to discuss and lay out plans for your business goals. Highly qualified artist, designer, and IT team will be the one working on your project.
03. Creative
Creativity is connected with honesty that leads to holistic approach where things are more clearly and unique. We say "we create creativity"
04. Get Connected
Business for us is a long term relationship with our client which we maintain, and this comes with hard work, dedication and persistence. Inspiring all to be a part of "Create My Designs".